Le Gomage

Le Gomage is a video and video game designing company.

What does Le Gomage mean? Le Gomage is an emblem which signifies the three areas that our art excels - It is Unique, Beautiful, and Catchy. Like the name Le Gomage, our art isn't just another video, but something special. Our art, however, is not Avant Garde - it is not like Picasso, leaving people feeling at a loss. No, our art is like the name Le Gomage; it has beauty - it is pleasing and elegant, honorable and classical, all the while being unique. Lastly, like the name Le Gomage, our art is catchy - it immediately grabs the audience and holds their attention until the piece completes.

Owned and operated by Matthew Whittle, Le Gomage's values are to make the world a better place by making the world more moral.

Le Gomage believes is honest work for an honest dollar. The work is professional and the crew is experienced. The finish product meets the needs of the client.

Our mission is to meet the needs of our clients in a manner that is honorable.

Thanks for choosing Le Gomage

The Le Gomage Video Game

Le Gomage is also a video game.

About the Authors

We were halfway through our Senior Project at Sacramento State University, California, when Juan told me, "Hey Matt. I wanna make a game." We had just finished eating at the Mongolian BBQ in Roseville off of Douglass Boulevard. I have always been a game creating enthusiast, and so, with a smile, Juan and I quickly gave birth to the idea of Le Gomage.

Over the course of many meetings, scribbles on a giant roll of paper, laughter, headaches and phone calls, Juan and I hammered out the outline for the story. It was only an outline, and only for one piece of the game. But it was good.

Too many games lack a good storyline. No morals, no purpose, no art, no love enters the storyline process. They are all graphics. The creation of this book proves that some people are willing to spend endless hours because they want good stories in the games they create.

And yes, we do intend to turn Le Gomage into a game. Happy reading.

Juan Calderon
Matthew Whittle

We do intend to utilize quality graphics, java code, expert musicians, good actors, and, of course, a good story, with a wide array of other talent to create a video game pleasing to the general public and pleasing to God.

Virtue Ethics Philosophy: Teaching virtue makes the world a better place. Teaching vice makes the world ugly. In opposition to the vast majority of video games out there which teach vice, our goal is to make the world a better place by using our skills to teach virtue through video games.

"I just wanna make Jesus known and loved" -Matt Whittle